Germany Wants Your Good Brains! Not a Zombie Ploy -- But a Free Education Scheme

Germany wants you!  (Good Brained Smarty Pants)

If you're young, smart and on the ball, Germany is rolling out the red carpet just for you.  They are now courting every single student in the world with a juicy I.Q. and big dreams.

Heike Matschke Attended University of Dusseldorf
Take a look.

If you've been paying attention, the news is everywhere.  Germany has announced FREE TUITION at all of it's post secondary schools.  For anyone in the world.  Sounds pretty good, but isn't it expensive to live in Germany?

Students German University

According to the German International Student Exchange Service (DAAD) it costs about $670 Euros a month for living expenses.  Suddenly, I'm interested!  That's less than I spend on rent here in the States.

What about the language barrier?  Last time I checked my brain doesn't speak German (although my mouth speaks a form of stereotypical movie German).

According to the DAAD search engine there are 919 programs taught in English.
University of Dusseldorf

What's going on here?

In the 19th Century, America promised free land to immigrants, and in return those immigrants showed up by the boatload.  They tamed the Western United States and created an incredible economy.

Two hundred years later, Germany is repeating the ploy with the promise of free education.

Germany is already seeing the payoff as hundreds of thousands of tech hungry students clamor for one of the free seats at one of the hundreds of Germany's well funded universities.

Every student that graduates from a German university is offered an 18b settlement permit (if you've also been offered a job matching your major and paid into the social pension fund for two years).

Germany is poised to become the new European Silicon Valley.  The new Detroit and the new elite medical device and bioengineering center of the world.

Germany's scientists and doctors have been leaving Germany for better pay and more research opportunities.

The German government has responded by implementing programs to keep them at home, but also and significantly, they are putting more money into free tuition university programs for international students. If they can't keep the current batch of German brains at home, they will simply create new ones.

The truth is... there is plenty of raw human capital out there waiting to be plugged in and refined. Germany is one of the few countries to recognize and take advantage of the rising tide of smart and eager students looking for better alternatives than they can find at home.

Germany is birthing the next generation of European technology by creating centers of excellence in their universities and then attracting young, smart and hungry students from all over the world to come and study for free.   Is it any wonder the acronym for Germany's foreign student office is DAAD?  Who else gives you a good, free education besides dear, old, Daad.