17 Top Rated Colleges - You Can't Believe How Much People Love These Schools

1. Abilene Christian College
"This is an amazing school. Had the best education and experience of my life. Going for a second Masters. The instructors are the most caring and accomplished professionals I have ever met."

2. Aims Community College
"Aims has small class sizes, qualified instructors, and the best part is it is absolutely affordable. I got through two years of my education at Aims completely DEBT FREE!"

3. Northern Arizona University
"I was able to keep my full-time job while earning my degree (many assignments incorporated what I was already doing at work). I recently was promoted, so I’d say my degree paid off!"

4. University of Central Florida

"I am currently in my last semester of graduate school at University of Central Florida (UCF). UCF has an abundance of resources for its graduate students including travel grants, a brand new Graduate Student Center, workshops for thesis & dissertation help, a huge, tech-savvy library with lots of helpful staff, and some of the coolest professors. The professors are very knowledgeable and a pleasure to get to know."
"UCF has been my home for over a year now , and I wouldn't wish to be anywhere else! My professors are helpful and kind our health dept is awesome (great dental services) If you're sick there is no fee to see a great doctor and minimal prescription cost an absolute must for a student with no health insurance." 

5. University of South Florida

"The university does a great job providing ample financial aid and scholarship opportunities as well as opportunities in the advancement of our careers and personal evolvement as young professionals and well rounded individuals."
"The advisors are amazing and will always be there for you no matter what. Shout out to Ms. Lowe who always has a caring heart and will make sure you graduate."

6. Whitman College 

"Attending Whitman had a tremendous impact on my life. My liberal arts education facilitated holistic learning - there, I learned to write more effectively, to think critically, and to ask and attempt to answer big questions. I found my education to be very challenging and enriching."
"Whitman is an incredible school that cares about its student body. Though difficult to define, Whitman has a magical quality to it; the campus is beautiful, the student body is active, the academics are rigorous. I enjoyed my time there immensely, and felt well prepared to face graduate life. My preparation at Whitman got me into medical school, and in that respect, the degree will pay for itself in time. "

7. University of Washington

"UW had so many great resources available to students. Excellent professors & interesting classes. Now that I've graduated, employers definitely move me to the front of the line with a bachelors degree from UW. I would recommend to anyone seeking their first degree. I'm currently looking at going to grad school at UW to get my MBA. Very Proud to be a Husky!"
"The instruction at the University of Washington went way beyond the classroom. During my junior and senior years, I helped professors with their research studies in the biochemistry and psychology departments. The opportunity to get real world experience not only helped me learn, but it prepared me for life after college. I currently work as a molecular biologist as a direct result of the experience I received as an undergraduate."

8. Northeast Technical Institute

"I just graduated yesterday from NTI's HVAC/R program, and I start my new job on Monday. Such an awesome experience from the time I first walked in the door, spoke to Admissions... Our entire class did great, we all got jobs. I can tell you, that the folks at NTI really care about students, love what they do - it shows every single day." 

9. California Coast University Online

"The economic value is by far CCU's greatest incentive to attend for a fraction of the cost of a state public or private-for-profit institution. "
"I completed my MBA in Health Care Management in 14 months with no break. CCU exceeded my expectations in both academic rigor and excellence. The support staff from admissions, faculty, and recognition by the president were all first rate and truly motivated me to stay the course. Having more than one option to receive course materials is a big plus and offers flexibility for those traveling while in school. "

10. American Public University System

"I am completing an MS in Accounting at APU. I learned more in an online environment than I ever did at any brick and mortar universities--which was where I received my Bachelor's degree over 15 years ago."
"I had professors who had earned their PhDs at places like Berkeley. A couple of them affected my life in wonderful ways. The librarians are wholly devoted to the students. The quality of education was better than I thought it would be. I attended because it was more affordable, but the knowledge I acquired was worth more than the cost of education."

11. Columbia Southern University

"This University is perfect for the military member! I have taken classes while stationed in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. I cannot recall ever having an issue with enrollment, tuition, books, or getting support from advisers and faculty."

12. Troy University

"I have taken online classes with other institutes but they don't compare to Troy. The instructors are actively engaged with their classes and the content is challenging. They also gave me a scholarsip to cover what my tuition assistance didn't pay."

13. Concord Law School

"Like many, I would not have been able to attend law school without the ability to keep working and go to class from where ever I might have been in the world on any given day. Concord Law is a very good school. The subjects and concepts taught are the same as those taught in Harvard, Yale or any other aba school you can name. I had several professors and lecturers that graduated from those law schools."

14. City University of Seattle

"I met a lot of great peers in the program, many working for Boeing and Microsoft, and I learned a lot from the students." 

15. Dominican University of California 

"It's an oasis for learning, and the campus is beautiful as paradise."

16. William Jessup University

"I felt valued and encouraged by their relational approach in addition to being encouraged to strive towards the achievement of my goals."

17. Full Sail
"The Digital Cinematography BS program is great for those who are interested in the latest digital formats for filming. It's a comprehensive course, packed with lots of practical information and projects to get you up and running."