Super Stressed Out - How to Handle Life When You Just Need to NOT... at all...

You wake up kinda pissed off and ill feeling.  Your bills are due.  Your bank is low.  Your fridge is empty.  Your roomie left a mountain of dishes and garbage in the kitchen.


And then...

Everything happens at once -- in one giant pile of stinking, petty calamities.

Your car gets towed, your bike gets stolen and your new phone falls in the toilet.  Your sister "borrows" your leather jacket and leaves it on the bus.  Your boyfriend tells you he wants 'some space'.   Finals week begins... what the  ... today!?!  

The meadow-muffins of life are now engaging the proverbial fan.  

You grow an enormous zit.

Your life is officially, sort of, out of control.

Things are tough.  But the tough in you refuses to get going.  It just lays down and smirks at you.  You begin to wish that you'd never been born.

why me...

Three Rules to Live By When Life Sucks 

1.  Keep your mouth shut.

There are all kinds of things you would like to say.  Swear words.  More swear words.  Wishes for bad things.  Reasons for bad things.  Just bad, sweary kinds of things.


Words are apocalyptic weapons - world destroying weapons.  So just shut it down.  Or shut up.  Shut it.  Just shut it.  ssshhhh.... 

2.  Find something to laugh about.  

3.  Learn from the experience and be thankful for the lesson!

Next time your stars are misaligned.  You'll be ready.  Well, at least, you'll be more ready.  Ha ha! 

Now, go do some random act of kindness.