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eCampus Textbook Rentals

  • 15 day return window if you don't need the book. (see below)

  • Books cannot be returned (for any reason) without incurring a 10% restocking fee.

  • Rent for 60, 90 or 130 days with 15 and 30 day extensions.

  • Express shipping available.

  • Return shipping is free.

  • Nebraska Book Company

    • Turnkey solution for private or campus bookstores.

    • Rebate is equal to margin of sale price, i.e. bookstore does not lose any revenue by offering rental program, as might be the case with a program that offers only commission, rather than rebate.

    • Allows local bookstore to stay competitive with online textbook rental options.

    • Increases foot traffic to local bookstore allowing opportunities for additional POS revenue.


    • Over 2 million titles.

    • Students can make money by selling or renting out their own textbooks.

    • Can take up to two weeks to receive textbook if your book is held by a participating partner.

    • Free Shipping - print label from website.

    • Interesting member plan -- pay only $10.99 per month, per book, but you have to sign up for 4 months. Even if you return the book in 2 months time, you will still be charged for the 4 months. Tricky.

    • Free 14 day trial period. Cancel before the 14 days are up and pay nothing. But then if it takes two weeks for your book to arrive? hmmm...

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