Online RN Degree Three Top Programs

These online RN degrees are high quality, high return educational investments.

With one of these degrees tucked under your arm, you'll be racking up career points, increasing your income and learning important skills to help more people.

UMass Boston RN to BS Degree

UMass Boston -- RN to BS Program
This program has two classes that are completed on campus. Students from out of state can make arrangements to complete the requirements off campus. The nursing program at UMass Boston is well known as one of the top nursing programs in the country. The program is five semesters long.

OHSU RN to BS Degree

Oregon Health and Science University -- RN to BS Program
This is another well known nursing program. The curriculum is top notch and produces top earning RN's. Practicums are done in the student's home town. 33 credits.

George Washington U MS in Nursing Degrees

GW University M.S. in Nursing
George Washington University has a terrific reputation and offers the following M.S. in Nursing specialties:
Adult Nurse Practitioner
Clinical Research Administration for Nurses
Family Nurse Practitioner
Health Care Quality
Nursing Leadership and Management

She was lovely and warm, just what the patient needed! ( Finally! All three of his addictions at once! )

She was not trained to care for a violent case of love.  (But now, with this little box of tricks... )

COULD SHE TURN LOVE DOWN?  (My guess, is... no?  Not ever?)

-- if her patient had been as happy as she was beautiful.... (because depressed patients are such a drag for beautiful nurses.)

Beth couldn't hear what her own heart was telling her.  (Or, what anyone else said either... "Ahh... damn it Beth.  I'm trying to work here.  Go hug Dr. Bert for a while, will ya?")

A young nurse faced with her most difficult test -- to sacrifice her career -- or a patient's life?  (Nah, just kidding, we always put our patients first.  Ha, ha.  Did he just touch my boob?)

Young nurse Susan Randall puts her career ahead of material things.  (Except for lipstick and stuff. )