Online Algebra Courses

Free Online Algebra Courses

Khan Academy
This is Algebra for everybody. And anybody. Very clear instruction style. I've struggled with algebra my entire life and these videos, these free videos, these wonderful, concise, clear videos bring all that jumbled math mess into a fine focus.
Huh? I can do math? I like math? My world has been flipped upside down by these videos! I finally understand just how woefully inadequate my high school math teachers actually were. Algebra is easy with the "Khan". Do not miss the Khan Academy.

Intermediate Algebra 95
34 free online video lectures from Portland Community College. You can register for college credit but the credits will probably not transfer. Registration is not necessary to watch the videos. This is not University level algebra. This is algebra for students who need a catch-up from high school algebra.

Linear Algebra
From MIT. Covers Linear equations; Multiplication and Inverse matrices; Factorization; Transposes, Permutations, Column and Null space; Pivot Variables; Subspaces; Graph, Incidence Matrices; Orthogonal Vectors, Matrices and Gram-Schmidt ; Cramers rule; Eigen values and vectors; Marcov Matrices; Fourier Series; FFT; Linear Transformations; Change of Basis; Image Compression; Left and Right Inverses and more.

Math 414 Modern Algebra
26 videos from Colorado University explaining Vector spaces, Linear transformation and matrices, determinants, eigen values, similarity transformations, orthogonal and unitary transformations, normal matrices and quadratic forms.