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Accounting jobs pay an average of $66,000 per year. The accounting job market is expected to increase by 22% between now and the next six years.

With an accounting degree you can go into many different fields from business to criminal forensics to financial analysis.

Every type of venture needs an accountant. Even NASA needs accountants. Even your favorite sports team. Even the NFL. Even rodeos, county fairs and banana stands! Wherever people trade goods, services, information or even casino chips -- they are going to need you.

Online Accounting Course Benefits -- What is it worth?

Even robots aren't likely to take over your job in the near future. Maybe in one hundred years. Maybe. Not likely, but I never say never.

You'll have top rated job security with an accounting degree.
"Will an online accounting course be harder than a regular classroom accounting course?"

This is the question I hear most frequently when people ask me about getting an online accounting degree. They want to know if the convenience of taking an online class is worth taking the risk that they might not do so well in an online course environment.

If you are thinking about taking an accounting course online you need to consider two things... are you a self starter and how good is your math. If you are a self starter -- no problem -- an distance learning accounting course is going to be a snap for you. If your math is up to par... even better.

Do Your Homework and Know Your Math

However, if you drag your feet on assignments and need someone to nag your sorry ashcan into getting work turned in, done well and on time... forget it. Accounting courses run like clockwork and if you miss a beat... bam... you're going to fall out of step and it's really hard to get back.

On the other hand, an online accounting course can be the easiest, fastest course you've ever taken. 

Because the coursework is laid out lockstep style, you can go as fast as you want... you can finish three weeks worth of work in a long day. And this is the way I recommend you get it done. Work ahead of the schedule and you'll never have to worry about getting behind.

What about the math? Well, if you've got math issues... an accounting course is not going to help you straighten them out... it's going to make things worse.

Before you join an online accounting course you should take a math placement test (some colleges demand them) and if you don't score at least college algebra level... work on that first. You can always find free accounting homework help... but really?

If you want to take an online accounting course, start with a good math foundation.

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