My Experience at Clovis Community College Online - New Mexico

I enrolled at New Mexico's Clovis Community College online mainly because I wanted to put my student loans in deferment for another year.

I was having a hard time finding a job, so rather than put a lot of money towards paying off my student loans, I decided to pay a little money to see if I couldn't improve my job prospects.  I paid cash for tuition, about $90 bucks per month to take 6 credits per semester.

I wasn't working so the credit load was super easy.  I enrolled in their paralegal program because I thought even if I couldn't find a paralegal job -- the information and skill set in a paralegal degree would come in handy throughout my life.  (yes, this turned out to be true! the handy part - true!)

What I found out was that Clovis is really set up to deliver online courses.  I never had any problems with the technology, the instructors, the billing department, or any part of the process.  Clovis has a lot of military in their online programs and they have been delivering online courses to them for a very long time.

They have the bugs worked out.  

The instructors were all great, knew their stuff and were firm about deadlines and the syllabus was always great.  Everything was organized, clear and you knew what you needed to do and when.

This was my overall experience at Clovis.

The only problem I did have was scheduling my coursework so that I could finish the degree in a short amount of time.   It's not self-paced course work or rolling enrollment, which would have been nice.  If you are unable to get a space in a class - too bad and that happened more than once.

So, if you aren't lazy and you pay attention to deadlines - you will love Clovis Community College Online.

Cindy (Last Name Withheld)

Clovis Community College Online Degrees

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