Desperate - Without Degree and Can't Get an Interview

The consensus seems to be:
  • A College Degree is an Insignificant Requirement for Most Jobs
  • You Must Obtain a College Degree Immediately if You Want a Job
Well, humans are idiots, so that dichotomy makes sense, eh?

College bachelor degrees are the new high school degree.  Except high school degrees have always been funded by the state.  College degrees are funded by YOU.
Billionaire 6th Grade Dropout

Not having a college degree can destroy your ability to get a job that pays a living wage. 

Yes, people have been successful without a college degree,
just as some have been successful in the past without a high school degree.  But are you really the next Colonel Sanders

99% of Americans' job prospects will wither on the vine without that all important college degree.  

You may be the 1% who wildly succeeds without a degree; that would be nice.  You want to roll that dice?

There is a terrific discussion on headhunter, Nick Corcodilos', blog about the need (or not) of having a college degree, Desperate; No Degree, Can't Get Interviews!

Especially, read the comments on the Desperate; No Degree post, as you will find opinions for and against by human resource professionals, college employees (against!) and employers who say they'd rather hire people who have worked while going to college.  

Getting the degree - getting the job.  
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