Online College Tools and Links - Resources

Tools for Online College Students

Ace Organic Chemistry
Not Free. But still cheap and it's good stuff. Under $18 for a book, videos and flashcards. Do radioactive cats have 18 half-lives? (A joke from the site. ; )
The mother of all book search engines. If you can't find it here... you can't find it.

Find scholarly references. Fast, easy. Type in your search term and find online scholarly articles that match your interest.

College Navigator
A truly useful college directory. You can filter results to show only online degrees and it works swell.
No ads.

Create A Graph
Instantly create a graph or chart online and either print, download or email it.  Choose between pie, bar, line, xy, or area charts.

Automatic bibliography and citation creation. Allows you to specify type of media.

Original historical documents online. Go right to the prime source.

This could be useful if you needed an email nag... but I just like to read the public hassles set up by others. Warning strong language may be used. Funny sometimes. People are either banal, profound or weird. Mostly banal.

Visualization graphs using your own data or search through the many visualizations already created by others.  Brought to you by IBM.

Have a math problem? As long as you have the formula you can just plug it in and press Solve. But you have to have the formula, it can't figure out math sentence problems. Nice timesaver.

Allows you to put sticky notes on the web. Do you have bookmarks that you can't remember why you bookmarked? MyStickies solves that problem.

Printable Paper
830 different paper types, graph paper, lined paper, music paper. Printable. For free.

Sage Math Software
Free, open source software similar to Mathematica and MathLab.

Make bibliographic citations automatically using the ISBN. Fast, easy, free!

Rate My Professors
Don't register for a class without using RMP. Do you want to end up with a type 3, loathsome loader professor? Use it - or snooze it.

Free software for improving your reading speed. vroom...

Student Writing Coach
Helps you speed write a paper. It asks you questions and then formulates your answers into one of ten different types of papers. eg. Memoir, argumentative, persuasive, etc.

Links for Online College Students

The Sloan Consortium
A consortium of individuals and organizations committed to quality online education. Sloan provides workshops, webinars, publications and other resources for the online college community.

Get Educated
Consumer guide to online colleges. They have one of the better online degree directories and publish ratings for online colleges and online college degrees. They also have a section advertising available online teaching jobs.

Chronicle of Higher Education
Always something interesting.

Salary Calculator
Provided by the National Association of Colleges and Employers this salary calculator can give you an idea of the salary you can expect to be offered once you've obtained your degree. Region and college graduated from are included in the algorithm making this an ideal way to compare value of different colleges.

Online College News and Legislation

Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee
Find new laws, regulations and issues concerning education. Watch Senate hearings.

Bills referred to the HELP committee.
New legislation in the pipe.

U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce
Legislation that starts in the U.S. House and woe is me.

Student Bill Tracker
Keep track of your congress and vote.  It matters.