ISBN Barcodes and Why You Absolutely Need Them To Buy Textbooks

ISBN Barcodes

What are ISBN Barcodes and What are they for?

Oh man, what are ISBN Barcodes? Why do I need to know them?

You gotta buy books for your online college course. You'd like to get the best deal, but there are a million options out there. How do you make sure you get EXACTLY the textbook you need?

The answer lies in the secret of the ISBN number, which can be found on the copyright page or cover of any recently published book. Look for it on the lower, right back of the book cover.

ISBN numbers identify four things about a book.

  1. The geographic location of the publisher. 
  2. The publisher.
  3. The exact title and edition of the book.
  4. The last digit validates the authority of the ISBN.

There you go. If you have the correct ISBN number -- you will absolutely get the correct book.

Prior to 2007, ISBN numbers were either ten or eleven digits long -- now they are 13 digits.

If you decide to sell your textbook online -- do your customer a big favor and list the ISBN barcode.

If you are a professor -- please give your students the ISBN numbers of required textbooks right there in your's really not that hard, and it saves us having to ask you a gajillion times...

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