High School Degree Online

Finding a high school degree online can be tough. Most states do have programs that offer online options for completing (or starting) a high school degree. But they don't advertise and it's hard to find them in the search engines.

Try searching for alternative schools in your state. Many alternative schools have moved to online venues.

Caveat: There are sharks out there pretending to be accredited high schools providing accredited degrees. And they ain't. Not by any stretch of the imaginitation. They are fairly easy to spot - but some are pretty slick with fake accreditation agencies to back them up.

To make sure you are signing up with 'the real thing' you should give a quick call to your state department of education and ask about high school accreditation. They'll know right away if you've found a good one or a bad one.

As long as you're on the phone with your state high school education department expert, ask them if funds have been allocated for funding public online high school. If the answer is yes -- then ask for the website address of the online high schools that are now offering degrees.

If the answer is no - ask if there is any legislation in the works, and whether or not there are any school districts in the state that are using the internet to help students get their high school degree online.

You might get shunted around to different internal departments, but eventually you'll find someone who knows what is going on in your state. This is worth the 20 minutes you'll spend to get the information. Write to me and tell me all the juice, so we can share it with others here.

How much will a private online high school degree cost? An average, ball-park figure is $10,000 per year.

How much will a public online high school degree cost? You may have to pay a 'technology' fee of around $100 as well as purchase extra texts or sundry fees. But the average, ball-park figure is $500 per year.  Many states are underwriting even these costs making the degree - FREE.

Are the degrees valid? As long as the agency delivering the online school is accredited by your states education department , the answer is yes. It is valid.

This is another good reason to pick up the phone and have a chat with your friendly state education department regarding your high school degree online. They'll know who is real and who is not.
Good luck!

P.S. For you Oregonians Oregon Online offers K-12 courses all fully accredited by Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. Deep discounts may be available through your home school district. Otherwise, it's $260 per course.

A full list of online education opportunities in Oregon is available.