Cheapest Online College Credits

The cheapest online college credits are from
a New Mexico community college online program ($44 per credit for up to 6 credits).

If you live in California the cost of an online course from any community college is only $26 per credit. If you are not a resident the cost is nearly $300 per credit.

Wyoming residents pay $106 per credit.  Out of staters pay $152 per credit.

University of Wyoming Online Degree Programs

Saylor Academy offers over 20 courses that are aligned with exam for credit.  The exams cost a nominal amount but the courses are absolutely free.  FREE

Straighter Line offers super cheap credits for those pesky first and second year general education courses.  The pricing works like this: you pay $99 per month and $49 per course.   The faster you plow through the courses, the cheaper your credits end up costing.

New Charter University charges a flat $199 per month in tuition.  This is part of the UniversityNow initiative (Making a quality higher education available to people everywhere.)

Patten University is also an arm of the University Now initiative and charges a flat fee of $350 month. This includes tuition, fees, ebooks and course materials - you can complete as many courses as you can during the term.


A few institutions are offering credit for MOOCS through MOOC2Degree.  These credits are FREE! Although, now that I've dug a little deeper, they charge you for a final exam ($17-$26) and you only get the credits if you actually enroll in the schools' degree granting program.  The free credits offered are really just a teaser, but still could be a deal when you consider the average cost per credit hour is $500  (semester hours).  Especially, if you were going to enroll anyway.

A few states have legislation in the works to force higher ed institutions into accepting MOOC verified completion for credit, but the status quo is pushing back pretty hard.   The writing is on the wall for this to transpire eventually so keep watching for more free to very low cost credits by MOOC.

“The Pollyanna version of college is that you’re learning and discussing things with your professors,” ...  “The reality is that you have 450 kids in an auditorium listening to a teaching assistant. They’ve killed the golden goose themselves by being greedy, and I think people have started looking really closely at alternatives.”   Hechinger Report

Keep the faith.  Best of luck.  If you know of other cheap online credits leave a comment.

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