Accredited Degrees

Accreditation Authorities
This article shows you how to research individual schools to make sure they have been accredited by the proper authorities. It's easy to get scammed by illegitimate online colleges - so this is your most important first stop.

Employers Who Hire Western Governors University (WSU) Graduates
The corporations on this list are hiring now. WSU is one of our favorite all online colleges. Employers like them too.

DETC -- Schools of a Lesser Gov
What is a DETC accredited school and why should you care? Your credits may not transfer from a DETC school to a university and you may not be eligible for financial aid.

Are Online College Degrees Valid?
You might get a lot of flack from your friends if you are going to an online school... but rest assured... online degrees are valid. Why you should look for an online degree from a brick and mortar school.

Honk if You've Got a Fake Diploma!
Fake diploma's are everywhere. Nine employees of NASA were found to have fake diploma's in a GAO sting. The US government, by its own admission, has even paid for fake degrees for its employees. What makes a diploma fake?

The Iron Test for Online Degrees -- Harvard Law School
Can you get into Harvard Law School with an online degree?

Diploma or GED for Homeschooler?
Some home schoolers are still having difficulties having their high school diploma's recognized by higher institutions of learning. Should they just buckle and get a GED?