A Delicious, Little, Bite-Sized Nano Degree - One Chunk and You're Done!

Udacity is producing a $200 per month (average cost) nano degree.  What's a nano degree?

It's something you can complete in six months to a year and prepares you for an entry level high tech job.

Udacity has partnered with ATT who is offering
100 internships to graduates of Udacity's nano degree program.

Other companies such as Cloudera and Autodesk have endorsed the nano degree idea and are on board to hire upcoming graduates.  More companies are expected to work closely with Udacity to produce nano degrees corresponding to their specific needs.

Technology is developing at a quick clip and companies need employees who are proficient at the cutting edge.  Nano degrees are the educational solution for that need.  Short quick chunks of training that gear up the work force quickly, efficiently and thoroughly.  One year and done.  Ready to rock and roll.

Good for employees - quick, specific and inexpensive training that gets you into the workforce quickly. Good for employers - workers with sharply focused training on the cutting edge of technical insight.

Win - Win