Top 10 Online University Career Networks

AfterCollege a Great Place to Look For Hot Jobs

After College AfterCollege helps you determine the schools where the hot jobs are being born. Many employers specifically shop for employees at certain schools and certain programs within those schools.

If you know who shops where, before you start your degree program, you can choose your first employer by simply choosing your school.

AfterCollege has been around at least as long as Facebook and maybe even longer. It uses a networking strategy to allow employers to find people from certain schools, or people who belong to certain networks within those schools.

This is the list of the top ten requested schools and networks. Because I love you so much I have linked to each school's distance learning programs - and to the network within the school that is so very popular with employers.

The Top 10 Career Networks by Demand are:

UC Berkeley
Dept. of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences
UC Berkeley Online

University of Utah
University of Utah Distance Learning
School of Computing

Northwestern University
Northwestern University
Dept. of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Washington State University
Washington State University Online Programs
School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Take it for what it's worth - a somewhat fuzzy snapshot of ten hot-zone career choices and the schools that are producing the hottest graduates.

Try AfterCollege for yourself. There are some fine jobs waiting for you.