Online College Degree Programs

Focus on the Superb

So many online college degree programs to choose from... hmmm... how to choose, how to choose...

This page focuses on lesser known, superb programs. To us superb programs...

1. Offer federal financial aid and do not charge rates out of line with what they deliver.
2. Give you hot job prospects once you graduate.
3. Are fully online, or are mostly online, requiring no more than two or three weeks of "face time" on campus.

Renee is our resident expert on what's out there and you can write to her anytime, she loves to help people find their special online college degree programs.

Advanced Psychology Degrees Online
Are you thinking about getting an advanced degree in Psychology? Online?

Good idea. There are just two things to think about. Most online programs do not have a clinical component - meaning you will not be able to get a counseling license after you've finished. So, if you are going for a license, keep this in mind.

There is at least one program that does, however.

Secondly, please watch out for non-accredited programs.

I've put together a page with the best (accredited) advanced online psychology degree programs out there. If you know of one I missed - lemme know. Thanks!

Lunch Lady Program!
Ok, we're being a bit silly with the title here, but basically this is what it is -- you develop and supervise school lunch programs.

 Like kids? Like food? This program offers solid job opportunities, costs about $230 per credit and is offered completely online.

This program from Penn State, offers either a certificate, or an Associates Degree in Dietetic Food Systems Management, with an emphasis in School Food Service.

Graduating allows you to take the School Foodservice and Nutrition Specialist (SFNS) credentialing exam for a whopping increase in salary. Graduates can expect a starting salary of $33,000 -$50,000. 

Oh, and as a goverment employee, the benefits are way, way excellent.

This is also a fast track to earning while you learn, with room to grow. Work your way up to an R.D. (registered dietician - salary range $50,00 - $80,000) while still earning a decent salary.