Health Informatics Certificate or Degree

Six Month Certification

Health Care IT Specialist Certification

Six Month Certificate - Top Opportunity

Do you want to trade up your career for a mere six month commitment?

Become a Health Care IT specialist.

Hey! Congress is passing health care regulations like crazy and this may benefit your future career.

In order to comply with all of these new regulations - hospitals and private physicians are being forced to hire people who can understand and implement the avalanche of new laws.

Bureaucracy is running amuck, and that's bad. But it's creating a fat tornado of jobs in its wake. Good paying jobs. Jobs in demand. So, I guess that's good. Until nobody can afford to see the doctor because they're having to pay your salary! And that's bad...

How Much Can I Earn as a Healthcare IT Technician?

For good, or for bad, one of the most onerous tasks ahead of the health care industry is creating Electronic Health Records for every patient. This is where the Health Care IT specialist comes in.

The U.S. government has set up five regional centers to develop programs at community colleges that can churn out certified Health Care IT Specialists in a short six months.

Community colleges are receiving $68 million dollars in federal grant money to produce the following professionals (in six months or less).
  • Practice workflow and information management redesign specialists
  • Clinician/practitioner consultants
  • Implementation support specialists
  • Implementation managers
  • Technical/software support
  • Trainers
These community college programs are designed for people who have some experience in either health care or Information Technology.

 Most programs have an admission process - but they are willing to work with you - so when you read - "must have experience in health care or Information Technology" - and you're thinking, oh, but I don't have experience in either of those fields... Don't let that stop you.

 Call the program and talk to the director. You'd be surprised as to what qualifies as experience.

The 82 Community Colleges in the Consortia to Educate Health Information Technology Professionals

Eighty-two community colleges are participating in the Community College Consortia to Educate Health Information Technology Professionals.

Many of the community colleges have blended campus/online programs. For instance Bellevue college in Washington state offers an online program, but participants meet twice, during the six months, on campus.

Here's a list of the 82 community colleges involved in the Health Information Technology Consortia

  • Tip: For the cheapest tuition, check out community colleges in your home state first. Most of the colleges on this list have residency requirements in order to get the discounted resident tuition rates.
  • Tip: Apply for Federal Financial Aid by April 21, to get preferred financial aid status.
  • Tip: Some colleges have stacked degrees, allowing you to use the credit from your certificate to qualify as credits in a Bachelor's or Master's degree program.