Harvard Law School and Online Degrees

Can I Get into Harvard Law School with an Online Bachelor's Degree?

Maybe a better question is...
Can I get into Harvard Law School?

Maybe, even better yet... Why do I want to get into Harvard Law School?

Harvard Likes Diversity

Harvard University likes loves diversity. One of their missions is to build a diverse student body. They admit anyone from anywhere as long as that person has proven potential.

Harvard Law School has a YouTube channel. It has 3,000 subscribers. (at last check) According to the website blurb, the Harvard Law School student body comes from every state in the U.S. and more than 70 countries around the world.

So, what are your chances of getting into Harvard Law School if you have an online bachelor's degree?

Harvard itself offers online bachelor degrees through the Harvard Extension School and the world in general is rapidly advancing toward virtual everything.  If an online degree is part of your story... then frame it as a plus.

Mainly, Harvard is looking for potential.

They have a reputation to uphold. A world to save. Will you bring honor to the Harvard name? Will you become a worthy thought leader in the conversation of tomorrow? That's the question you, as a candidate, have to prove.

So. An online bachelor's degree. Is it really an issue? Yes, if that degree is issued by an institution that resembles (or actually is) a diploma mill.

Because the admission committee is looking for potential -- make doubly sure your online degree is from an institution with a solid reputation, a reputation that will help you make the case that you are solid gold; solid burnished gold from the god's above.

Also, and this is directly from the Harvard Law School admission faq, they want to see degrees that show a deep understanding of your field, but that are broad in scope. Theoretical, rather than practical.

Good luck online students!

Harvard accepts about 500 Law students per year. They get about 7500 applications per year.

Try your luck. For an $85 application fee -- you can roll the dice.

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