Free Writing Courses

Free Writing Class

"A story is a Swiss watch timed to a beating heart."
Steve Barnes

Steve Barnes, in case you haven't heard, is offering his nine week, UCLA screenwriting program online, in which he admonishes you "to write your butt off". I recommend him, and it.

The Writer's Village offers a free Character Building Workshop  online. (no longer available to the general public - but check out the membership - 99 bucks for one year and twang! Like, 400 writing courses for FREE, plus social and mentoring)  This is a super writing geek tool that I'm in the process of slobbering over right now. I love this thing! The value lies in it's ability to pull an ill-defined character out of your subconcious and make him 3d real.

By the time you're done fooling around in the Character Builder you know all about who your characters are - why they do what they do - and where they are headed. Writalicious!

Writing University Podcasts    SEVEN pages of sweet, writerly goodness on tap.

William Shakespeare didn't go to college. If he time-traveled like Dr. Who, he would be stunned to find his words on a university syllabus.
Professor Diana Henderson
As usual, MIT's Open Courseware has the motherlode of free writing courses. Too many for me to list here. One of my favorites is "Writing With Shakespeare" given in 2010, by Professor Diana Henderson.

 Utah State University has a terrific free writing course called "Guide to Writing in History". If you've always wondered how to deal with a dangling participle, then this is your baby. This free class teaches writing clarity and precise expression of thought broken into two parts, Style and Content.

Free Online Journalism Courses

Did I say MIT had the motherlode of free writing classes? I did?
Wrong! You have to check out this site if you're looking for free journalism courses.
They advertise 250 free or low cost writing courses. Not only that but they promise if you give them an hour a day -- they'll make you three times smarter.

Technical Writing - It Pays the Bills

I know some people absolutely love the precision writing for technical guides.  The same way some people like to fill out forms.  Or cut hair.   I would rather clean toilets in a Chicago bus station than plank out a tech guide.  But... if you want to pay the bills... this is where the easy money is... so.   This guy with the swag-wacky hair is going to teach your little self to keep your head down and power through it. 

A sparkle, happy gem of a free writing course by Dr. Jim Lipuma.   39 videos of in-the-bank real, for real CASH.  For writing.  And it's free.  gloat.  rub hands.

Battlestar Gallactica Author Offers Free Online Sci-Fi Writing Class

I've saved the best for last, dear reader.
Have you seen that new television series Battlestar Gallactica? Everyone knows it as "the good one, not the bad one".

Well, guess what? The author of the novel that the series is based on -- is offering a FREE online science fiction writing course.   Jeffrey A. Carver. Thank you, Jeffrey.