Dreamkeepers Keep You Going with Emergency Student Aid

Emergency Student Aid

Do you have a financial emergency that is going to cause you to drop out of school?

Then you are not alone! According to Scholarship America's Dreamkeeper program... an unexpected financial emergency is the number one reason students drop out of college.

We have gathered some resources for you if you are in this situation right now. Bookmark us. You might need this information someday.

Dreamkeepers will give you extra funds for an unforseen financial emergency. They are expanding their program to more schools - check their website to see if your school is listed.

American Indian College Fund
Native Americans may qualify for a College Fund Emergency Aid grant.

Minority students (any minority) can seek help from UNCF. This is an extremely old and venerated student organization with many, many departments. Keep asking until you get help.

Tip: The first step in seeking emergency student aid should always be your college financial aid office. If they seem particularly unhelpful, ask them if they can direct you to a local source for help.

Still no help? Seek out your college ombudsman and explain your situation.

Often times, the secret to getting help is simply asking for help. Don't be discouraged. You can do this. Life is waiting for you.