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How to Become a Lawyer Without Going to LawSchool
A law career - in four years and no school? No, way. Yes, way. This short article gives you the basics and shows you a video of a guy who did it.

Job Opportunities as a Health Care IT Specialist
Want a career in a year? Or less? In six months you can be trained as a Health Care IT Specialist and be earning a decent salary.

Best Online Masters in Public Health
An MPH will bump your career up to a whole new level. This is one of the best online programs from one of the best Universities in the nation. All online.

Cardio Sonography Programs Online
These jobs aren't going to dry up anytime soon. This is a good, solid investment that will pay dividends to the happy owner for a lifetime. It's a cushy medical job that requires two years to finish.

Best Online Computer Sci Masters Degrees
So you want to compete with the big boys? Ok, this short list gives you a rundown on some of the best Master's Degrees in Comp Sci in the United States - with prices.

Online Accounting Degree
This article delineates the salary, outlook and job security prospects for accounting degrees. It will help you choose the right kind of accounting degree.

Online Accounting DegreeChart
This chart lists some of the best schools for getting your accounting degree online. I have tried to link directly to the program page and also to give you some idea of the costs involved.

Online Law Degrees
Can you get a law degree online? Well, the short answer is no. But, the long answer is Yes! It isn't easy, but it might be for you.

Average Starting Salary by Degree
Learn which degrees pay more. Input your city, degree and years of experience (yes, it accepts zero experience) and this nifty app tells you how much you can expect to earn.

Awesome Online Courses
Some courses are just more awesomer than others. Good professors and fantastic programs deserve praise and this is where we do it.