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Online College Directory of Directories

Have you ever found any online course directory easy?

Have you ever searched for an online course directory only to be met with page after page of spammy gunk?

 We have. Then we said, whoa, let's make a truly useful online college directory of directories.
In order to be included in our uber directory a course directory has to meet these criteria:

1. Includes only accredited courses, degrees and programs.

2. The links lead directly to the school website.

3. The site does not require any personal info or email from the user.

4. The site is simple, easy to use and non-spammy.

We discovered a number of really, sweet directories that lead you straight to the good stuff. These directories contain online degrees from public universities and colleges that are cheap, solid and great educational bargains.

Peterson's Guide to Distance Learning
Peterson's has a quirky search engine for finding degrees. It has a section for distance learning but it is not very accurate. For instance, I typed in history and it came back with 13 schools that offer a Bachelor's degree in history.

Oregon State has an online degree with a history major? Nope. It doesn't. It does have a Political Science degree which is sort of, kind of close.

University of Alaska, Fairbanks has a history degree?  No, it doesn't. This is how it goes with Peterson's.

I recommend using Peterson's when you would like to explore ideas for programs you might be interested in. They do have a strong database with a broad reach -- just not very accurate.

The one great thing is that Peterson's links directly to the Distance Education Programs of every college or university that has a Distance Learning department.

R1edu Consortium
A consortium of 30 Universities including Stanford and Cornell have created this special search engine for finding an online course or degree program amongst their collective offerings.

Online Graduate Degrees Listed by Price
Graduate Degrees Listed By Price! Invaluable. Includes accredited Universities from around the world. You'll find many offerings from the U.K. and Oz.

Electronic Campus
Search for online courses from the Southern Region Education Board.

GetEducated Guide to Online Schools
GetEducated has the best Master's degree search engine I have seen yet. You can search by Subject, Percent Online, Accreditation, School Characteristics, Degree Characteristics, Admissions Tests, Prerequisites, and by State.