Searching for Cheap Community Colleges

The average yearly cost of in-state tuition at a public two year college for the 2013-2014 school year in the US is $3,264*.
Texas Community College -  A Low Cost State

$3,264.... That's dirt cheap!

The following states have amazingly low, yearly, tuition rates -- far below the average:

California - $1424
New Mexico - $1696
Texas - $2,222
North Carolina - $2,242
Arizona - $2323
Mississipi - $2386
Kansas - $2584

If you live in California and can take advantage of the $1424 yearly average cost for two year junior institutions.... that is so low it rivals Scandinavian tuition rates -- you will be saving yourself $13,802 over the cost of in-state tuition rates for a four year public college and a staggering $70,000 over the cost of tuition at a four year private college.

New Mexico's yearly community college tuition of $1,696 is certainly sweet, and New Mexico allows out-of-staters to enroll for up to 6 credits at in-state tuition rates.   If you are looking to stave off your student loan payments for another couple of years and you want to pick up a certificate or second degree while you're at it -- New Mexico is your baby.

It pays to shop for your education. Don't buy in because it's cheap. Choose your community college education because it's good and the value is there.

I am a huge fan of public community colleges because of their extreme low cost and giant value. But shop around. Some cc's are better than others.

If you can live with your parents (think online courses) and buy used textbooks you can take care of two years of a four year degree for the cost of about four months rent.

Here is a table of college costs (averaged for all schools in the database) put together by the National Center for Education Statistics. This database is a great help when trying to gauge your college costs.