Top Ramen is Good Food if You are Broke, heh

College Food - Top Ramen: The Way of the Ramen

From page 9 of the "College Food Chronicles and Fairly Good Advice":
"The year of the Ramen is upon us. We shall go forth and be full... full of the Ramen which doth cooketh in its bath so merrily" Thus spake Zarathustra.

Five ways to enjoy the Year of the Ramen.

1. Plain. (yuck, really) But it's college food, right? Wrong! According to Herodotus, topathius ramenus was actually related to ambrosia, the food of the Gods. Treat it as such.
2. With an egg. (crack the egg into the boiling water, give it a nice stir and make sure to break the yolk. Add top ramen and seasoning packet.) It's like egg drop soup.
Oh. It is egg drop soup. Top with diced herbs and green onions. Finely minced fresh spinach is nice.
3. With chopped vegetables. (at least you'll get some vitamins) My favorite veggies are bell peppers, orange, red, yellow and least favorite, green. A few scallions, a few bits of celery. Eat with a blessing in your heart. Always with a blessing!
4. With leftover chicken. (hey, almost good enough for guests.) Try chopped chicken hearts or livers. Can you say cheap. cheep cheep cheep
5. Chinese checkers. Stir fry head of chinese cabbage, spinach, chard, kale - anything that still has legs from the fridge. Plop it all on top of a mess of ramen. Add freshly grated ginger, etc. Splash of wine, basalmic vinegar or whatever the hell kind of splashy stuff you got and eat quick. Lasts all day.

The Beauty of Ramen Noodles

The beauty of ramen, top ramen, ramen noodles is this... Anything you have, you can make better by adding top ramen.
What? You only have one fig and a bean?
Add some top ramen!
Now you have a meal.
College food extraordinaire... top ramen is fixed in a jif, fills the belly, and does not require more than 33 cents per serving.
Just don't eat it alone. By yourself... alone.
That would be sad.