Use Textbook Search Engines to Compare Prices for the Cheapest Ever Textbook Score

Last quarter I spent $159.68 on two measly paperback books at the campus bookstore. After thinking about how dumb that was -- I took them back to the bookstore and found them on the internet for only $28, including shipping. That's an extra $131.68 for my tiny, little pocketbook.

So... Here are some of the really great textbook search engines I use for finding the ultimate lowest price. It pays to check several different outlets.    For accuracy, don't forget to use ISBN barcodes.

123 Textbooks

Tip - Downloading textbooks is free (although some publishers have entered the game for a fee, but still much less than printed textbooks) so check out our page on downloading textbooks.

You don't need a kindle, or any other e-reader to use downloaded textbooks -- you can read them right on your laptop.