Have You Ever Been Cengaged?

Cengage Brain: Trouble in a Bubble

Cengage Brain purchased the Houghton Mifflin College Division in 2008 and that's how I became "cengaged" with them.

I took an online college course that used a textbook owned by Cengage and they offered free content along with either the printed version or the digital version of said textbook. (Cengage Brain produces tons of digital educational content.)

Free! We gotta use it!

I guess that's what went through my prof's mind.

So, he gives us a special number that we had to input into some mysterious slot on the Cengage site. 

Along with a 3 page instructional on how to sign up with Cengage.

I kid you not.  Three pages.  Click here... don't click here... you want this page... not that page. Look for the green tab at the top, move to the right... bend left... duck! page down to the bottom, look for the monkey throwing shibble bits... DON'T click through on that link... don't you dare.

My good friday ash! Does it have to be this complicated?

Cengage Brain is a multi, multi billion, trillion international corporation with minions in 30 countries. 

Can't they figure out a simple interface for dweebs that have to use their FREE! content? And, it doesn't function with a Mac? You're kidding me. Right?

As it turns out, if you already have an account with Cengage and then you try to register or "add" a FREE! product -- it won't recognize the code. (If you can figure out where to insert the code in the first place.) Leaving you on an endless turnstyle of fruitless clicking.

Once I got that straightened out by just creating another account... and galloping one mile to the nearest Microsoft outpost...

I was in! I could see the FREE! content. And I have to tell you... it was great.

Cengage has produced some really swell interactive learning material. I can see why any educator worth his salt might be tempted to catch the Cengage wave.

Each learning module had multiple components that drilled, tested, tempted and wafted knowledge with a step-by-step incremental finesse.

Multimedia!  Sound, animation, draggable bits, testing at not very yummy, but edible, bite-size intervals. The whole thing is very fabulous.

Cengage Brain may have a frooby name, and a horrible login interface, but their content is effective.

Conclusion.  Recommend.