Online Computer Science Masters Degrees that are Affordable

Affordable Online Computer Science Masters Degrees

Ranked by Cost has come out with another great ranking study. This time they have surveyed the market for the best and most affordable online Computer Science Master's degrees.

Guess who came out on top? Yep. North Carolina's, East Carolina University's Master of Science Technology Systems / Computer Networking Management degreeONLINE. 

North Carolina residents can scoop this degree up for a smidgen more than $5,000.
That's incredible!

The bad news is that if you aren't a resident - the bill is $20,000 plus.

Next on the list...
Columbus State University's Applied Computer Science Master's Degree. ONLINE This degree will set you back approximately $8,000. There appears to be no residency requirement for this tuition rate. 

Again. Fabulous.

Third on the list is another college from North Carolina, but it has those darn residency requirements or you pay the $20,000 bucks. So instead I'll tell you about 4th on the list...
Minot State University's Master of Science in Information Systems ONLINE

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