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Spacecraft Design

Natural Hazards and Disasters

Spacecraft Design

I don't know about you, but I've always wanted to design and build my own spaceship.

Thanks to Stanford University's Spacecraft Design course... I'm one step closer.

At $4000 bucks for the 3 credit units, it's walloping expensive - but you'd expect that from a class where you build hands on -- a satellite in a can, called CanSat.

This class is delivered online but it requires that you form a local team of at least two students - I guess, so that you have a teammate when it comes time to build the CanSat.

Offered by Stanford's Space and System's Development Laboratory, it is part of their certificate in Spacecraft Design and Operation Proficiency.

Totally Awesome Stanford!

Stanford Spacecraft Design

The Spacecraft Design course is no longer available.   Interested in the Dynamic and Control of Spacecraft and Aircraft?  It's available!  Online.

Stanford offers the following certs and degrees:

Certificates and Degrees

Natural Hazards and Disasters

Doug Roselle teaches Introduction to Natural Hazards and Disasters, at Bellevue College in Washington state. It's an online 5 credit course and described by former students as easy. (As long as you read the book.)

Roselle is well liked by his students and has been called, "funny as hell". Always a nice bonus. Check out Doug Roselle's 4.0 profile at

Bellevue College (formerly Bellevue Community College) has three or four degrees and a dozen certificates you can earn online. They have a reciprocity agreement with Washington State University, allowing you to complete your associates degree at Bellevue with a guaranteed acceptance to Washington State as long as you complete your AA within a specified time, at a 2.0 or above level.

This is a great way to start your degree program as Bellevue's tuition for lower division courses is low ($87 for residents, $259 for non-residents) and you are guaranteed acceptance to WSU. WSU has online degrees that you can complete entirely online or you can attend on campus. Either way... you are saving a carload of money.

Totally Awesome Doug Roselle! Kudos, Bellevue College!

Photo Credit: Stefan Schindler (Brainbikerider) via Compfight cc