Average Starting Salary by Degree

Average Starting Salary by Degree Calculator

Want to know what kind of salary you can expect from your degree?

Would you like to be able to compare the worth of the same degree from two different colleges? How about calculating the dollar difference between four years of work experience and a four year degree?

This excellent salary calculator provided by the National Association of Colleges and Employers will help you do just that.

Difference Between the Same Degree from Different Schools

We wanted to see what the difference between a Harvard degree and a University of Oregon degree would be for a job offer as a Jr. Law Partner in Portland Oregon. No experience. Straight out of college. What is the dollar difference?
University of Oregon -- $56900.Harvard -- $56900
hmm... that's a difference of $0.

There are other variables you can explore as well such as what impact grade point average might have on your future salary. (Yes, in some professions it really does matter.)

We explored how much more a law degree is worth in two different cities.
  • Portland Oregon -- $56,900
  • Cambridge, Massachusetts -- $70,800

 We also wanted to know the difference GPA made.
  • 3.0 - 3.4 -- $70,800
  • 4.0 -- $73,600
These numbers are all for salary estimates of an applicant coming straight out of college with less than six months of experience.

What is the Lifetime Dollar Worth of a College Degree?

The actual dollar worth of a college degree is in question right now because of the cost burden involved. Different figures are bandied about from anywhere between $250,000 to $1,000,000 total lifetime increase in salary.

Regardless of where the real premium lies on the continuum, any increase (as long as it isn't matched by lifetime debt) is better than a static salary or even a decreasing salary as more educated employees push less educated employees down the corporate ladder. Statistics are still bearing out the validity of the lifetime worth of owning a college degree.

People with college degrees are less likely to be unemployed, have higher salaries and in general are more satisfied with life. A college degree gives you a competitive edge - no question.

The real problem is cost.

That's the biggie. Smart people like you are going to find ways to beat the high cost of higher education and get that competitive edge. And we're going to help you do it!

We're dedicated to helping you find online degrees that are valuable, don't leave you with high student debt and that have high reputation marks amongst employers.

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