How the Amazon Student Discount Program Works

Amazon Student Discounts Don't Suck

Amazon Student is a membership program with some great benefits for college students. Membership is free and it gives you free two day shipping. Yes, free, completely free.

In order to get the Amazon Student discount you need to have an Amazon account, use a .edu email when signing up and be enrolled in at least one course in a United States college or university.

If you don't have an .edu email address, send an email to amazon-student-verification@amazon with one of the following:
* scan of student ID
* transcript for current term
* tuition bill for current term
Also include your name, name and address of school, your major and finally your academic level.

Amazon Student vs. Amazon Prime

Amazon Student discount will periodically send you a newsletter containing super deals of interest specifically aimed at college students. If you are already a Prime Amazon member you can sign up for Amazon Student and they will refund the cost of your Amazon Prime membership on a pro-rated basis.

If you switch from Amazon Prime to Amazon Student you won't be able to watch free streaming movies and television which is something Amazon Prime just introduced for its members. (I checked
Amazon's free movie and TV offerings and they are nearly the same lousy selection as Netflix Instant Watch).

Also, if you switch, any household members that were using your Amazon Prime account will no longer be able to get free shipping benefits. It's strictly a one person (one student) deal.

Amazon Prime lets us spend around $6 a month for our (lousy) entertainment, which is $126 less than cable TV, so we are sticking with Amazon Prime for the free instant movies and TV benefit. Even though the selection sucks!

Amazon Student is useful for students that want to buy cheap new textbooks (trust me, Amazon usually has the best price on new textbooks, just because of their sheer volume.)

Amazon Student won't save you shipping costs if you normally buy cheap, used textbooks from the Amazon marketplace because the free two day shipping is only available for NEW textbooks sold or fulfilled by Amazon.

Amazon is still one of the best places to look for cheap, used textbooks due to the incredible volume of booksellers that list through them, but you'll still have to pay the $4 shipping fee for used books whether you have Amazon Student or not.

Amazon is aggressively pursuing the textbook/college market so they are going to be offering some sweet deals to students. We'll be keeping a close watch on Amazon.