Alabama Online High School

Alabama Online High Schools

Alabama online school is offered by your local high school. You cannot complete your degree online. Exceptions may be granted. They do offer AP courses online.

The great State of Alabama offers its citizens online courses through Access Distance Learning.

Here is a list of online Alabama Schools K-12 and Higher Education.

In 2005, Access received funding of $10.3 million. The objectives of the learning initiatives are:

Objective 1: Continue to meet objectives of Year One, expanding the availability of ACCESS Distance Learning to all public high schools in the state.

a. Provide access to advanced diploma courses targeting foreign languages.
b. Provide access to additional course offerings.
c. Provide access to Advanced Placement or dual credit courses.
d. Provide access to remediation and supplemental resources.
e. Leverage existing resources and distance learning offerings.
f. Provide teachers with additional multimedia and technology tools to enhance instruction.
g. Utilize outside evaluation to periodically assess weaknesses and strengths of the program in order to make appropriate adjustments to the implementation of Year Two through Year Five objectives.

Objective 2: Expand the number of students served to reach the goal of giving every high school student (with priority given to schools and students with the greatest need) the opportunity to take at least one distance learning course during high school.

Objective 3: Leverage the experience of the 24 pilot sites by establishing 21st Century Classrooms in every Alabama high school by 2010.

Objective 4: Provide administrative oversight, management, and support through the State Department of Education and support centers.

Objective 5: Provide students with additional courses and electives needed to meet individual educational goals and to provide a comprehensive curriculum, including 21st century skills, to all public high schools in Alabama.

Objective 6: Develop appropriate professional development (pedagogy and technology) for those individuals involved in ACCESS Distance Learning.

Objective 7: Develop a blended model of distance learning that focuses on the needs of the individual student to ensure the success of every student.

Objective 8: Assess initial technology skills of students who are enrolled or who plan to enroll in distance education courses in order to provide the appropriate level of support to the student.

Objective 9: As courses and modules are developed through ACCESS, develop a comprehensive learning objects repository and an incentive program for the development of model courses and modules.

Objective 10: Develop a comprehensive plan for infrastructure growth for Web-based, IVC, and blended delivery of distance learning courses involving major stakeholders, including the State Department of Education, Alabama Supercomputer Authority (ASA), state higher education institutions, and local school system technology coordinators.

Objective 11: Develop an oversight and management structure including financial oversight, to ensure that activities and budgets are aligned with the ACCESS Distance Learning Plan.

Objective 12: Mobilize stakeholders to advocate for and strengthen high schools through ACCESS Distance Learning.

Alabama has apparently decided not to offer its students an online High School Diploma. However, there are many fine courses offered to any Alabama student at no cost.