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How Much Is An Accounting Degree Worth?

How much is an accounting degree worth? What can I do with it?

I have not included any for-profit colleges that you often see plastered all over the internet such as Phoenix Online, Keller, Strayer, Devry, etc.

I do not believe these for-profit schools offer the best value for the online student. Somebody is paying for all of that promotion and advertisement... yes... it's you!

I've put together a resource for people who are looking for a degree or certificate in accounting entirely online.   Accounting Degree Online - A Chart of Colleges Offering Degrees

Choose a Public or Non-Profit Accounting School

You are much better off choosing a non-profit, public school that does not promote itself or spend a lot of money advertising. It's harder to find these schools, but we've done the work for you.   Click Here to go to our list of public community colleges, colleges and universities that offer accounting degrees entirely online.

Use our printable chart to organize your search for the best online degree program for you.

To get the list I used several college rankings sources to first evaluate the top schools (in the United States) and from those lists I researched each institution's online or distance learning department.

I listed every school that offers either an online accounting certificate, an online associates degree in accounting, or a four year bachelors degree in accounting -- all offered entirely online.