Germany Wants Your Good Brains! Not a Zombie Ploy -- But a Free Education Scheme

Germany wants you!  (Good Brained Smarty Pants)

If you're young, smart and on the ball, Germany is rolling out the red carpet just for you.  They are now courting every single student in the world with a juicy I.Q. and big dreams.

Heike Matschke Attended University of Dusseldorf

17 Top Rated Colleges - You Can't Believe How Much People Love These Schools

1. Abilene Christian College
"This is an amazing school. Had the best education and experience of my life. Going for a second Masters. The instructors are the most caring and accomplished professionals I have ever met."

2. Aims Community College
"Aims has small class sizes, qualified instructors, and the best part is it is absolutely affordable. I got through two years of my education at Aims completely DEBT FREE!"

The 11 Worst Rated Colleges - You Have Been Warned

According to personal student reviews at GradReports the following colleges need to kick it up a notch.  

1. National College
"Staff turnover is constant, so the person you discuss your financial aid with when you enroll will probably be gone by the time your first or second term is finished. Same with instructors."

2. Everest College Phoenix-Online
"I have about 10 Student Finance Planners and they have all been calling me everyday asking for information about my mother's credit, loans, grants, blahh,and blahh.."

3. Harris School of Business
"This school is out of hand the first day I went someone was smoking weed in the bathroom... The security people let people get away with anything. There was also a fight the first day I went there. "

4. Allied College
"Good thing my dad's a lawyer, and he's in the process now of getting the fee back. We'll even go as far as file a small claims court summons against these bastards."

5. Tribeca Flashpoint
"You would be better served throwing your money into a barrel and setting a match to it."

6. Southwest Florida College
"...when I signed up for the program , the advisor told me it was accredited. ..I guess he forgot to tell me that the SCHOOL is accredited, not the ultrasound program itself. "

7. Daymar College
"They put you in deep debt and give you a degree with non-transferrable credits that employers laugh at."

8. The Art Institute Online
"Sucked all of my government loans dry. Then as I approached my bachelors degree they suddenly needed an additional $30,000. Basically holding my bachelor's degree hostage."
"I have had 6 different financial aid counsellors. They can lie to you, because they will be gone when you finally get to a point where you might quote them. There were times when the amount I owed was quoted as three different amounts. My home page had one dollar amount, the statement I got in the mail had another amount, and my financial aid adviser was quoting me another amount."

9.  Vancouver Career College
"...when I decided to go back to school and found myself across the desk of the rep from VCC I couldn't have been happier for myself only to find that some months later I was kicking myself in the ass!!"

10. ATI Career Training 
"The rep that signs you up tells you all sorts of hook, line, and sinker scenarios to sign you up. Then the instructors tell you what great money you will be making all through the course. It's all a lie."

11. Sanford Brown
"I graduated 2 years ago. In a class of 9 people, only 3 of us have actually passed both of the national board exams required to become ARDMS certified, and NONE of the three of us have found work in ultrasound!"

Moral Obligation to Educate Children

Rachel Canning, 18, sued her parents for financial support to help pay her college tuition.

Her parents say Rachel moved out of the house because she did not want to follow their rules. Rachel has since moved in with a friend and wants to become a biomedical engineer.  She has a $20,000 scholarship on tap from the University of Vermont.  This will pay for one year of Rachel's college tuition.

Are the parents morally obligated to pay for the remaining years of Rachel's college tuition?  Are they legally obligated to give Rachel their tax return information for purposes of financial aid?  Is Rachel truly emancipated?  Or is she still considered a dependent of parents in the eyes of the law.

You Want a Job After College? Stick to These Majors

Which college majors are the most secure job-wise?

Which college majors are iffy and might land you in the poor house trying to pay off your student loan while you slave away on the night shift at Biggie Oink Burger Boy?

Look no further.  Here they are.

  1. Medical and General Health Services - The All Around Top Winner
  2. Elementary Education - Almost Three Times as secure Architecture
  3. Business and Agriculture - I guess... if you have to.  Less than 5% unemployment.

Everything else?  S...UU...UU...UU...CKS!

According to a 2013 study by Georgetown University study, every other major has an above 5% unemployment rate.

Help Sheila Decide - Art School or Medical Imaging Degree

What would you do?

Sheila, 30, wants to go back to school so she can earn more money.  She currently has an AA degree from her local community college.  She loves art and wants to learn how to animate films.

Should she go for what she loves, or should she take the safe, secure route and get a medical imaging degree instead?

Super Stressed Out - How to Handle Life When You Just Need to NOT... at all...

You wake up kinda pissed off and ill feeling.  Your bills are due.  Your bank is low.  Your fridge is empty.  Your roomie left a mountain of dishes and garbage in the kitchen.


And then...

Everything happens at once -- in one giant pile of stinking, petty calamities.

Your car gets towed, your bike gets stolen and your new phone falls in the toilet.  Your sister "borrows" your leather jacket and leaves it on the bus.  Your boyfriend tells you he wants 'some space'.   Finals week begins... what the  ... today!?!  

The meadow-muffins of life are now engaging the proverbial fan.  

You grow an enormous zit.

Your life is officially, sort of, out of control.

Things are tough.  But the tough in you refuses to get going.  It just lays down and smirks at you.  You begin to wish that you'd never been born.

why me...

Three Rules to Live By When Life Sucks 

1.  Keep your mouth shut.

There are all kinds of things you would like to say.  Swear words.  More swear words.  Wishes for bad things.  Reasons for bad things.  Just bad, sweary kinds of things.


Words are apocalyptic weapons - world destroying weapons.  So just shut it down.  Or shut up.  Shut it.  Just shut it.  ssshhhh.... 

2.  Find something to laugh about.  

3.  Learn from the experience and be thankful for the lesson!

Next time your stars are misaligned.  You'll be ready.  Well, at least, you'll be more ready.  Ha ha! 

Now, go do some random act of kindness.